Bathroom description

Green foods are just as important in their diet as hay, containing a wider variety of micro nutrients as well as water.


The two main causes of dental disease are genetics, results of breeding that change facial structures; and improper diet, offering foods that do not allow normal tooth wear. Then we tiled right up to the window. For these frequent grooming will reduce the amount of hair eaten.

Rabbits teeth are constantly growing.


The babies will open their eyes around 10 days old, and gradually start moving around more after that. Feed approximately once a day. Twigs and small logs from the backyard as long as they haven't been chemically treatedor flavored chew sticks available at pet stores for both birds and small animals all make great chewing items.

Rabbit pellets are loaded with concentrated nutrition to promote rapid growth and they work great for industry purposes. Either sex will make a good pet, although males sometimes have better temperaments. We Paul backed the subway tile in the shower with Wedi board.

Rabbit pellets are loaded with concentrated nutrition to promote rapid growth and they work great for industry purposes. To encourage them to use it put some droppings in it, even a small amount of hay can help them learn as they will go to the bathroom while they are eating it.

When they groom themselves they ingest some of this shedding hair, but their intestinal tract is designed to handle the hair consumed. Now you know what my husband deals with every day. I will give him credit for ONE thing, though. But the room is really narrow, and we decided there was no good way to align the tub with another wall.

Rabbits teeth are constantly growing. Be sure it is at least 3' high for small and medium rabbits, and 4' high for the giant breeds.

When looking for a rabbit to purchase as a pet, a young rabbit between 2 and 3 months old can be ideal, but even an older pet rabbit can make a good companion. Gravity-flow water bottles, which can be found in pet stores, are a good idea.Below is the bathroom before we began the remodel the layout was awesome.

You can see that our ever-creative, previous-owner applied his signature brand of totally-impractical-I-found-this-in-the-trash-and-couldn’t-pass-it-up-solution.

New Jersey couple gets married in women's bathroom at courthouse

Our old-house bathroom has a giant window in the shower. After experimenting with different covers, we kept the full-size window and protected it from water. Independence Line Our showers and tub/showers offer enhanced independence and safety.

These barrier-free models come standard with slip-resistant floors and can be customized with a wide range of accessories and options. A New Jersey couple that didn’t want to flush away their wedding dreams when the groom’s mother fell ill opted for another venue in which to tie the knot: the bathroom.

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Bathroom description
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