The slippery slope of gay marriage essay

I agree with Douthat and Silk that Americans are going to need to think seriously about polygamy. Or is it okay to let them practice homosexuality? Same-sex marriage could hinder scientific progress Not an argument put forward by most anti-gay marriage protestors, but it is possible legalising gay marriage could hinder scientific progress.

That is undoubtedly true, and you and I are in total agreement on that matter and, I suspect, many other matters. Those are completely separate issues and should be dealt with individually. Marriage in general is unnatural.

What Lyndal Roper has said about experimenting with marriage in the Reformation holds true for our time too. In addition, the "slippery slope" argument about gay marriage is simply ridiculous.

Our argument against gay marriage, then, is not solely grounded in its effects but in its nature, i. May we as humans be released from the coupling of subordination and sexual relations. Civil unions provide many of the same benefits as traditional marriage, but under a different name.

However, the argument "something extremely unlikely and completely unknown might end up happening" is no reason not to do something.

I started out myself with all the views and opinions expressed on this blog, but reality has demonstrated that this is not the truth. There is also the matter of more problematic human relationships like polygamy and incest.

Essay on Slippery Slope Essay on Slippery Slope Slippery Slope is an example of a logical fallacy in which the proponent of an argument tries to persuade another to accept a conclusion by using a series of statements that have a superficial connection with one another.

What if same-sex marriage is TOO natural? And if anyone wants to protest that Kirk isn't a pervert or anything because societal attitudes and norms are different in the future, please think about that for a few minutes.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Christianes July 5, at 1: Douthat points to cultural developments such as the airing of certain TV shows e. As we have discussed, the divorce rate in this country is around fifty percent, and it often seems like Hollywood mega-stars get married one week and divorced the next.

Animals do not have legal standing; animals cannot sign marriage licenses. If ducks were to suddenly mount an extensive and detailed campaign to be recognised as individuals in a legal sense, then perhaps this could come about and if ducks were able to organise such a campaign, this would count as substantial evidence in their favourbut this is a separate issue.

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It should also be mentioned, for those who are not aware, that Canada already had legalized gay marriage at the time this trial took place. In effect, these two decisions gave the wrong signal to law enforcement officers that the conduct of search and seizure is allowed even without a search warrant.

Judging from the arguments outlined above, the main arguments against same-sex marriage are based not on objective evidence but what a large number of people say is the case. You may feel that homosexual relationships are not "real" relationships, and that's your prerogative, but this is purely a subjective viewpoint and cannot be verified or supported by the available evidence.

Protestants today would almost certainly need to consider polyandry and, to use a clunky term, polygynandry. What the consequences of such an occurrence would be are impossible to say, seeing as this whole concept is purely hypothetical and based on no known evidence.

If this is the criteria on which decisions about marriage should be based, there are also a substantial number of people who claim that men and women are very differenteven different species. But not everyone accepts that in a pluralistic society. There is cited sources and very formal language used; you could even say that the authors use of more intellectual vocabulary might also be an additive to their credibility.

There are those who argue that these two decisions have given police officers the authority to single out the minority thus conducting racial profiling Peter Siggins,p.

At present, there is no feasible mechanism known to science where the legalising of gay marriage would imbue animals with consciousness and a sense of individual rights.

Are there scientific reasons to oppose gay marriage?

As a moral issue, however, the stage has already been set for precisely this kind of development.The essay, Chapter 6: The Slippery Slope, is a break down on how ineffective and illogical the slippery slope fallacy is in an argument against gay marriage.

Initially it presents the counter which is the slippery slope essay, and then it breaks it down by four categories being; (1). Susan: Did you know that women, as a group, tend to choose jobs that are lower pay and have less hours?

Yesterday Gay Marriage; Now Look Who Wants “Equal Rights”

And that when compared individually, productivity differences due to time off from work explain the gap? 5. Slippery Slope. The bane of many internet debates and political debates is. Slippery slope gay marriage argumentative essay. word essay on disrespect in the military quote at beginning of essay essay on makar sankranti in gujarati yamunashtak why this university essay importance of diction in essay writing smartstate analysis essay melbourne vs sydney comparison essay essay on loving your motherland braids.

Gender Fluidity Oils a Slippery Slope Having examined the fetid entrails of the same-sex marriage 'debate', let me hazard a prediction: since gay people pay taxes like everyone else, it is only a matter of time before we see a campaign to end the taxation privileges of churches that refuse to conduct gay.

Not every change in law or policy is the first step down a slippery slope to a more drastic or unwelcome change. The slippery slope of gay marriage has begun wouldn’t legalize gay. Slippery slope Definition: The arguer claims that a sort of chain reaction, usually ending in some dire consequence, will take place, but there’s really not enough evidence for that assumption.

The arguer asserts that if we take even one step onto the “slippery slope,” we will end up sliding all the way to the bottom; he or she assumes we can’t stop partway down the hill.

The slippery slope of gay marriage essay
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